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Stima Sacco to open three new outlets

Stima Sacco
Stima Sacco chief executive Chris Useki. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Stima Sacco is set to open three more branches in the central, coastal and western Kenya regions in the next three years in its expansion plan.

The sacco, which currently has 114,071 members up from 103,748 in 2017, says the new branches will cost Sh54 million to set up.

It expects that the outlets will help net 385,929 new members by 2021.


Stima Sacco currently has nine branches in the country. Six are outside Nairobi while three are within the city.


“The new branches will be situated in Mount Kenya region, Kisii and Mtwapa. They will help us grow our membership to 500,000 in the next three years,” said Stima Sacco chief executive Chris Useki in an interview Friday.

He said the outlets would also create employment for about 50 permanent staff.

Stima Sacco’s branches currently employ over 200 permanent workers.