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Troubled Embakasi Ranching set to be wound up on Feb 1

Embakasi Ranching Company chairman Thuita Mwangi. file PHOTO | NMG
Embakasi Ranching Company chairman Thuita Mwangi. file PHOTO | NMG 

The controversial Embakasi Ranching Company Ltd will be dissolved on February 1, Land and Physical Planning principal secretary Nicholas Muraguri has said.

The PS said title deeds will be issued to “legally recognised” shareholders and the firm, which owns vast tracts of land around Nairobi’s Ruai, dissolved.

A desk has been set up at the ranch’s offices in Ruai where officials are reconciling the shareholders’ register and putting up structures of titling the pieces of land.
The President is to issue the title deeds by February 1.

Dr Muraguri was speaking at the Ruai offices where he was briefed on the progress of the company’s dissolution plan.

He was accompanied by acting Land secretary Esther Ogega and director of surveys Cesare Mbaria.

Mr Mbaria said the ministry has come up with a strategy to address challenges that are likely to crop up, including land fraud against vulnerable shareholders, as well as infiltration of the owners’ register.

Dr Muraguri said the government’s intervention is as stipulated in the law.

The land-buying company has over the years been faced with problems ranging from double allocations, swapping of prime land with parcels located in remote places and rampant corruption.

The officials said they had issued copies of Registration Index Maps (RIMs) to accelerate processing of the list of beneficiaries.

“Before the official award of titles, the register will be made public and all complaints that will ensue be dealt with objectively, fairly and for the common good,” the PS said.
Ranch chairman Thuita Mwangi said the government is welcome to help in addressing the issue of ownership.

“We are working together as a team and we appreciate the concern of securing our shareholders’ investments,” he told the Business Daily.

“We are very much open to each other and finding a lasting solution to this matter is our goal.”