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Dairies yet to exhaust milk powder import quota as deadline looms

New KCC managing director Nixon Sigey. FILE PHOTO | NMG
New KCC managing director Nixon Sigey. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Processors are well behind schedule in importation of milk powder with only two weeks to the closure of duty- free window. The firms have complained of high prices in the global markets.

Agriculture secretary Willy Bett said the processors had only imported about 5,000 tonnes even after the window was extended by three months to allow them meet a quota of 9,000 tonnes.

Mr Bett said the ministry was waiting to see if milk processors would have imported the balance between now and December 31 when the window closes.

“So far they have managed to import about 5,000 tonnes, but they still have some weeks ahead; we are waiting to see if they would have brought in the balance by then,” said Mr Bett.

New KCC managing director Nixon Sigey said creameries are still scouting for affordable markets.

“The process has been slowed by high international prices,” said Mr Sigey.

The Treasury in October issued a gazette notice exempting all the consignment loaded on ship from September 1 to December 31 from paying duty, to enable processors import the balance.

Kenya has been facing a shortage of milk since January.