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Picking of agriculture agency head in limbo as board’s term ends

Agriculture secretary Willy Bett. file photo | nmg
Agriculture secretary Willy Bett. file photo | nmg 

The appointment of substantive heads at the Agriculture Food Authority (AFA) has been thrown into confusion after the term of the interim board came to an end before completing the task.

This means that the interim heads of different directorates, including the acting director- general, will have to act longer until the board is formed by the Agriculture secretary to oversee the appointments.

Officials at the AFA have been in acting position for the last four years following the collapsing of over 13 parastatals to form a single entity (AFA).

“The appointments and the interview will not be conducted at the moment given that we currently do not have a substantive board in place,” said Agriculture secretary Willy Bett.

Mr Bett said his ministry is pushing for the appointment of the same board to finish the work they started as opposed to bringing in a new board.

“This board had reached a critical stage, but they did not finish their work, which was the appointment of the substantive heads; we would like them to continue with that work given the progress they had made,” he said.

The law does not allow for the extension of the term of an interim head, only allowing a maximum delay of 12 months.

But Mr Bett said he will use AFA Act, which categorises the entity as a parastatal, allowing the president to re-appoint the chairman while the CS will be charged with the responsibility of appointing the directors.

AFA heads of directorate could not be confirmed because there was no substantive board in place to oversee the exercise.