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Relief for the consumers as short rains cut food price

Authority says carrots supply is growing. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Authority says carrots supply is growing. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Onset of the short rains in the past month has seen the price of horticultural products fall, easing Kenyans’ pain on purchasing common foodstuffs.

A survey released by the Food and Agriculture Authority (AFA) indicates high supply of carrots in the local markets saw prices fall from Sh4,797 for a 138-kilo sack for August to Sh3,593 in September.

Spring onions also dropped from Sh3,110 to Sh2,262 reported during the same period for a 142-kilogramme sack while a 110-kilogramme sack of groundnuts went for Sh12,745 from Sh13,252.

The report shows supply of sweet potatoes rose bringing down the price to Sh3,167 from 3,479 for a 98-kilogramme sack while cowpeas had a slight drop to Sh7,652 from Sh7,868 for a 90-kilogramme sack.

A bunch of ripe bananas weighing 14 kilogrammes dropped to Sh661 in September from Sh966 in August. Avocado registered Sh2214 from Sh2,286.

However, shortage pushed cucumbers to Sh2,750 from Sh2,319. The price of a 64-kilogramme crate of tomatoes is now selling at Sh6,200 from Sh5,756 in September.

A 90kg bag of dry maize sells at Sh3,600 from September’s Sh3,390.