How stalled vehicle fines will be used

Mr Francis Meja, NTSA director-general (right). file photo | nmg
Mr Francis Meja, NTSA director-general (right). file photo | nmg 

A State road safety agency has said all charges imposed on stalled vehicle owners will go towards settling towing fees.

Road Safety Director Njeri Waithaka said the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) was not earning a cent from the penalties but insisted their resolve was driven by the need to avert deaths and injuries on travellers mainly attributed to stalled vehicles along the highways.

“Sixty people lose lives annually when vehicles they are travelling in ram stalled vehicles.

"A larger percentage of passengers also suffer death or serious injuries when their vehicles deviate to avoid hitting a stalled vehicle only to collide with oncoming vehicles or lose control,” she said.


NTSA last week vowed to activate the towing regulation, saying even livestock found grazing along the roadside unattended were a major cause of accidents.

Speaking at her office, Ms Waithaka said NTSA will work jointly with enforcement officers across the country to ensure compliance where vehicle owners will be informed of the cost before towing is done.

“Our intention is not to punish motorists but to avert accidents and vehicles are towed to a police station to ensure vehicle owners pay the towing charges to the breakdown owners not NTSA,” she said.

December festivities have claimed over 100 lives in the past two weeks raising a public outcry over the ability by enforcement agencies to curb the deaths.