KAA to have day in court after sacking guard over Matiang'i

Education secretary Fred Matiang’i. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Education Secretary Fred Matiang’i. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

A security guard has sued the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) for sacking her on allegations of mistreating Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

According to documents filed at the Nyeri Labour Relations Court, Daizy Cherogony claimed that her employment was terminated on May 11 this year for making him queue for a security check like other passengers.

She was issued with a dismissal letter signed by managing director Jonny Andersen on grounds of misconduct.

Dr Matiang’i was flying to Kisumu on the evening of April 5, 2017 and was accompanied by his security detail.

Ms Cherogony, who had by then worked at the JKIA since 2006, narrated that there had been complaints over VIPs' escorts accessing the landing field without airport passes.

She said on the fateful day there were long queues at the terminal and as the security supervisor, she went to the glass door to assist in document checking.

She then contacted the screening coordinator requesting more manpower as passengers were bitterly complaining of other travellers bypassing them on the queues claiming that they were late.

Ms Cherogony added that the passengers had formed three queues and it was raining.

“Due to long queues and complaints from passengers, I went to open the second screening glass door. It was at that point that I saw the Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i,” she indicated in the court documents.

“He was along with a police inspector and other people escorting him who were shouting and trying to force their way without going through the passenger queues,” added Ms Cherogony.

She said when she approached the CS to calm him down, he informed me that he had already called the Cabinet Secretary in charge of transport James Macharia over the matter.

'No special pass'

Dr Matiang’i, she said, did not want to follow the queues and wanted special treatment despite the fact that it was raining and other passengers were complaining as the lines were growing longer.

She says that according to the security manual, Cabinet Secretaries are required to queue like other passengers unless they have passes allowing them special arrangements before they get to the airport for their flights.

“Matiang’i never had any special passes as well as the people he had around him. So I could not allow him into the airport without clearing at the screening check point,” she said.

She said the airport management accused her of a wrongdoing that doesn't exist since she was just doing her job as a security supervisor.

Ms Cherogony is seeking compensation of Sh2.4 million for wrongful dismissal, stating that she was not even given a hearing prior to her firing.

She says she was never shown a complaint written by Dr Matiang’i, adding that the dismissal was victimisation and discrimination by her employer.

She says efforts to have the matter solved amicably out of court have been fruitless and urged the court to declare her dismissal unlawful and order her reinstatement.

The case is scheduled for mention on July 27, 2017 when KAA is expected to have filed its reply to allegations raised by Ms Cherogony.