MCAs in rain water harvesting push to end Nairobi’s scarcity

Nairobi has been experiencing water rationing since April 2017.
Nairobi has been experiencing water rationing since April 2017. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Building owners in Nairobi could soon be required to install rainwater collection and storage systems as the county moves to end scarcity of the crucial resource.

This is after Nairobi MCAs passed a motion calling on Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) in conjunction with the county government to develop a policy compelling all owners to ensure their buildings are fixed with the systems for water harvesting and conservation.

Kiamaiko MCA James Mwangi, the owner of the motion, pointed out that most parts of the county especially informal settlements lack clean, safe, sufficient and affordable water due to rationing by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company.

As a result, water harvesting will supplement piped water supplied in the county as Nairobi Water is unable to meet demand in the capital as population increases.

“It is the right of every resident of Nairobi to access clean water and safe water in adequate quantities yet the scarcity has been a perennial challenge in the county,” said Mr Mwangi.


The master plan for Nairobi, developed over 50 years ago, did not envision the high population of over four million residents.

Nairobi has been experiencing water rationing since April 2017. The demand has grown to more than 810,000 cubic metres daily against an installed 525,600 cubic metres daily capacity.

Supporting the motion, Minority Leader David Mberia said: “ It usually pains a lot, that we cannot harvest that water as it goes to drain.”

Nominated MCA Kabiro Mbugua added that going forward, before approval of a new building, the plan should have provision for underground storage water system.