Matiba family to sue Swazuri team over cancelled title deeds

Mr Kenneth Matiba. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Mr Kenneth Matiba. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The family of veteran politician Kenneth Matiba has said it will move to court to challenge the decision by the National Land Commission to revoke title deeds owned by its companies.

The commission last week revoked title deeds for three parcels owned by companies associated with the Matiba family.

The parcels of land in question are Plot 669 which was purchased by Alliance Hotels Ltd from a private individual in 1983 and Plot 667 and 668 which were bought by Alliance Nominees Ltd also from a private individual, according to a statement from the family.

The statement, signed by Mr Raymond Matiba, stated that in 2005, an attempt was made to have the title deeds revoked using the Msambweni Lands Dispute Tribunal.

“Alliance Nominees Ltd proceeded to the High Court in Mombasa and was granted orders prohibiting the revocation of the titles,” he said.

“Alliance Nominees Ltd and Alliance Hotels Ltd had not been served with notice of further proceedings relating to the above parcels of land. Indeed, neither the companies nor the properties are listed on the notices published on the National Land Commission website.”

The Commission last week repossessed hundreds of public properties worth billions of shillings that had been grabbed and given to politicians and other politically correct individuals.

Some of the cases feature in the Ndung’u Report.

These include government houses, prisons land, forests, road reserves and land set aside for schools, churches and other public amenities.