My narrow escape from the Dusit attack

DusitD2 attack terrorists
People run for their lives after they were rescued at Dusit Hotel which was under attack by suspected terrorists on January 15, 2019. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NMG  

On Tuesday afternoon, Business Daily reporter Doreen Wainainah had just arrived for an appointment at Dusit Hotel when gunshots rang out. Everyone was in panic. It was a scene like a scene from a horror movie, she recounts.

Here is her account:

This feels a lot like a scene from a horror movie. I arrived at DusitD2 Hotel at 3.20pm for a 3.30pm appointment.

I walked to the far end of the hotel that houses the spa and Rouge Deck. It was as I was waiting at the reception area when we heard an explosion.

At first I ignored. This was then followed by a series of gunshots. We, the guests and staff initially thought it was from a different compound.


The gunshots were relentless and were getting closer. It was then we saw people screaming and running towards ICEA building on Waiyaki Way.

We locked ourselves in fearing that leaving would head us right into the attack.


We were in the corridor in different states of panic. That was when one of the staff told us it would be safer if we just ran to the next complex (ICEA) for our safety.

The staff unlocked the door and we ran. It was a narrow bridge that led to a closed door so had to jump over a fence.

As we got over the fence the gunshots got louder so we ran across Waiyaki Way (even as motorists looked confused) until we assembled near the Westlands busstop.

Gunshots were still audible and the smoke was visible above the trees at ICEA.

Some of my friends who work there are still in the building and have barricaded themselves in their offices.