Uganda on course to complete its oil jetty, says Energy PS

Joseph Njoroge
Energy Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The Energy ministry says Uganda is on the right track to completing its jetty and making the Sh1.9 billion Kisumu oil jetty viable.

Energy Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge said Kenya has had talks with the landlocked country and was confident that Nairobi would soon realise the benefits of its investment.

Speaking at Kenya Pipeline Company depot in Kisumu, Mr Njoroge noted that the construction of Uganda’s docking facilities was in progress.

“This is a joint initiative and it is very unlikely that the two countries could have progressed at the same speed and time because there are very many dynamics involved. “However, there are some good promises and Ugandan oil jetty is taking shape,” said Dr Njoroge.

The PS was part of the delegation of principal secretaries who toured the Kisumu Port to assess the progress of rehabilitation ahead of its official launch.


Kisumu jetty that was completed in March last year will wait for Uganda to build a four-million-tonne badge on its part of Lake Victoria shore to evacuate oil from the Kenyan side.

The projects are part of the Lake Victoria intermodal transport system intended to exploit the lake as a cheaper, safer and more efficient transport corridor and integrate it with the northern corridor’s road and rail networks from Mombasa.

From Uganda, the oil will also be exported to other land-locked countries, including Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The Energy PS said dredging to remove sand, silt, mud, rocks, weeds and rubbish to create routes for big vessels to dock will start once the facilkity is ready

The works are expected to be carried out in Muhuru Bay, Kendu Bay, Asembo Bay, Port Victoria and Sio Port.