Why you shouldn’t expect free packaging from supermarkets

A trader sells reusable bags on Moi Avenue,
A trader sells reusable bags on Moi Avenue, Nairobi, after the ban on plastic bags took effect. Consumers have been feeling the pinch of expensive packaging, with the new bags costing between Sh8 and Sh100. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU | NMG 

When going out to shop, don’t expect the retailer or mama mboga to wrap the goods for you, no matter their value or quantity. This is because there is no legal provision that compels them to do so.

Therefore, consumers will continue to bear the cost of goods packaging. As the chief executive of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Ms Phyllis Wakiaga, told the Business Daily, retail outlets such as supermarkets and makers of products are not compelled by law to wrap products for customers.

“There is no such law,” said Ms Wakiaga.

She said that only the Consumer Protection Act could construe a clause on service, but it does not directly dictate packing of goods for customers.