City Hall begins rollout of e-clamping payment system

Tom Tinega
Nairobi County Director of Parking Services Tom Tinega. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

City Hall has started rolling out an electronic payment system for clamping charges.

This comes after the county government started trialing a new system in July to help motorists pay the penalty electronically as it seeks to equip all the parking attendants with smartphones for the operation.

Nairobi County Director of Parking Services Tom Tinega said they have given the parking attendants over 500 smartphones to help in the process.

“We have handed out the gadgets and everything is now working according to plan. We want to ensure that every part of the city is fully digitised to make the payment system more effective,” said Mr Tinega.

The smartphones have been configured to receive notifications that a clamped car has been paid for, prompting the attendant to go and release it.


Mr Tinega said a motorist whose car is clamped for failing to pay daily parking fees will simply need to dial *235# and follow the options available in the new county revenue collection short code to make the payment.

He said every payment to the county government is now captured in the new system which comprises all major City Hall revenue streams.

“This will make it easier to make payments without walking to the county office,” he said.

He said if one dials the short code, it will show if a vehicle has been clamped as well as the penalty imposed.

“Currently, even after making the payments, one has to still physically confirm to the attendants that the payment has been done before the vehicle can be unclamped,” he said.