Leave Nyatike in 10 days, MP warns Chinese miners

Miners in Migori. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Miners in Migori. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Trouble is brewing in Nyatike Constituency after the area MP issued a 10-day ultimatum to Chinese miners to vacate the area following rising tension over their licensing.

Nyatike MP Tom Odege said the Chinese companies have colluded with some county government officials to acquire licences.

The legislator said miners must leave by May 24 at midday. He was speaking at Macalder town on Wednesday during a funds drive in aid of six miners who perished in a mine accident last week.

“They have that period to vacate the constituency in peace, otherwise I won’t be liable for any loss of property on their part,” Mr Odege said.

He said  he will mobilise miners from the constituency to march to a Chinese mine headquarters and evict them.

“We will meet here and march to their headquarters to evict them. We know that the local security team has boycotted this meeting because they are offering them police (to protect them). They should know I will be on the front line,” Mr Odege said.

The MP said he had written several letters to the Ministry of Mining on the issue and that he had been assured that no mining licence had been issued in Migori County.

The constituency is rich in gold, copper, tin and sapphire which are mined at government-owned land at Matanda and Osiri where tension has been high after Chinese miners invaded the areas.

“I have already drafted a letter calling for an end to the illegal Chinese activities in Nyatike,” the MP said.