Matatu owners push for roads expansion to curb congestion in Mombasa

Matatu owners in Mombasa want roads in the central business district (CBD) expanded to curb congestion.

Matatu Owners Association Coast coordinator Salim Mbarak said pavements should be reduced for expansion of the roads.

“We saw the county managed to reduce some roundabouts back then and it helped, we believe if they work on the other ones it will help in allowing free flow of vehicles,” said Mr Mbarak.

He said Posta offices in Ganjoni along Moi Avenue, Makupa and Changamwe roundabout should be reworked.

Two years ago, the county’s traffic department reduced two main roundabouts in the CBD allowing free flow of vehicles along Digo Road.

Mr Mbarak said the review on the CBD roads would help in enhancing movement to the new completed roads mainly in Changamwe.

He added that further plans will open the Makupa Causeway where cases of train derailment have been reported. A railway line passes near the highway.

“We have seen that the national government has opened up the Kipevu West road and if they work on long term plan of putting up a bridge at the Makupa Causeway then we will have smooth flow,” said Mr Mbarak.

Open up Kipevu

He said the opening up of the Kipevu West has opened up movement for matatu and other vehicles.

The completion of the new roads in parts of Mombasa West have eased traffic flow and movement in the resort city, boosting tourism and business.

Travellers accessing Mombasa International Airport and Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) terminus from the island have been among the major beneficiaries.

The opening of phase one of Dongo Kundu bypass has provided an alternative route to the airport and Miritini SGR terminus. It now takes less time from Mombasa town to the SGR station.

Phase two of the bypass is set to begin before the end of this year. The phase two will include an 8.9 km road between Mwache Junction and Mteza while the third phase will see the construction of a 6.9km road between Mteza and Kibundani, linking the highway to the Likoni-Lunga Lunga Road; where there will be an interchange.

Further, two bridges will be constructed; one at Mwache (900 metres long) and another at Mteza (1.4km long).

A sightseeing bay will also be build and 88 hectares of mangroves will be replanted.