Normalcy resumes at Nairobi's City Market

City Market.
City Market. Normal business has resumed at the busy market following daylong disruption of operations on Monday. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Normal business has resumed at the busy City Market in Nairobi following a daylong disruption of operations on Monday.

The paralysis had been occasioned by a standoff between stall owners and hawkers, leading to the former closing their stalls in protest.

All the shops that closed on Monday were now open, with customers streaming in to buy the commodities such as fish, beef, chicken and pork.

Kamundia Mathenge, owner of Kamundia Butchery, said they have decided to resume normal operations as they chart the way forward.

He said they have not reached any agreement with hawkers but they decided to open their shops as the matter was being politicised.


“We have decided to open but we are still consulting as a group on what to do next. Our fears are that the issue has been politicised and could lead to anarchy as a result of misrepresentation of facts,” said Mr Mathenge.

Business as usual

Other traders under the organization Kenyanam Lake Fish Dealers Association said they do not have any problems with their counterparts and will conduct business as usual.

“As you can see they have opened and we are also going on with our business. There is no bad blood between us,” said Titus Odhiambo, a former leader of the association.

On Monday, business at the popular meat market was disrupted over a dispute between stall owners and their counterparts operating without fixed premises

The feud between the traders continued for the better part of the day with each side claiming space in the busy meat market.

The stall owners had vowed to continue closing their shops until the issue is sorted out.

However, the hawkers continued operating despite their colleagues' protests, insisting that they have a right to be at the market.