Nema arrests traders found with banned plastic bags

Plastic bags
Vendors selling plastic carrier bags before they were banned in 2017. Three traders were arrested in Homa Bay town on March 20, 2019 after they were found with hundreds of the banned plastic bags. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Officials from the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) have arrested three traders in Homa Bay town accused of using the banned plastic carrier bags.

The traders were arrested on Wednesday after concerned residents raised complaints, citing the plastic bags ban.

Those arrested include a wholesale trader identified as Mr Simon Wakinyi who was found with 2,000 pieces of plastic bags.

The other two traders were found with 800 pieces of plastic bags each.

County Nema Director John Maniafu said his officers, together with police officers from Homa Bay, arrested the traders after they established that they have been using the bags in packaging different products despite their ban in August 2017.



“We conducted a surveillance within the market after we received complaints that some people were still using the banned plastic bags. We managed to arrest three people, including a suspected wholesaler, who apparently had hidden more bales of plastic bags,” he said.

The Nema director expressed concern over the re-emergence of the use of plastic bags.

Mr Maniafu said his office had written to market officials and sub-county administrators urging them to enforce the plastic ban and tell traders to stop using the bags.

“Our warnings have not been successful but we have information about people dealing in the business of selling the bags. They will soon be apprehended,” he said.

The Nema official said the crackdown to eliminate the plastic bags will continue.