FastJet 'not qualified' to operate in Tanzania, State says


Fastjet plane. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Dar es Salaam. TheTanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has announced that Fastjet Tanzania has lost its qualifications to operate in the country due to frequent cancellation of flights.

Consequently, the troubled airline has suspended its flights within Tanzania until the end of next month.

The Authority has given the low-cost carrier a 28-day ultimatum to sort out its management issues, saying the airline owed huge amounts to service providers including the TCAA.

The Tanzanian government also revealed that Fastjet owed Tsh1.4 billion (about Ksh62 million) to TCAA for provision of services including security.

TCAA director general Hamza Johari called on all service providers owed by Fatstjet to send their invoices so that the Authority could direct the airline to pay its debts.

Fastjet now has 28 days to submit its financial and business plans after the company was taken over by Tanzanian investors.

Mr Johari said the airline currently has insufficient planes to cater for flights.

“We call on people to look for alternative airlines as Fastjet cannot operate,” he said.

Story by Gadiosa Lamtey