Are you lit? Show us


For millennials, it is mostly about having the best things in life.

Flying first class to exotic destinations to sample the very best, drinking fine champagne or whisky, going to exclusive clubs and shopping in designer shops; these are experiences that set them apart from the rest.

The young generation is growing up with a fine taste in clothes, watches, cars, liquor and houses. And they don’t shy away from spending.

This generation represents the highest consumers of luxury, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos Connect in seven African countries (including Kenya) between 2015 and 2016. It showed that young Africans’ appetite for luxury surpasses that of their European counterparts.
That is because they understand what it means to be lit! When you’re lit, you know you are on another level.

Whether you have a fresh look, the hottest trends or the coolest music, being lit is more than a trend. It is a culture. It is knowing what’s happening and turning up.


It is being the life of the party or the cool geek with the dope app idea.

It’s balling till you drop or landing with private jet. It’s singing your heart out or buying the latest bachelor pad in the city.

It’s being on top of your game. It’s crowds singing your name. It’s being LIT. So which trend is currently lit for you? Show us.

Take a video doing what you love; Upload the Video on Twitter, IG or FB using #Lit360 and you could win yourself Sh5,000 Cash! Who’s LIT in Kenya? Stay Woke.