Nairobi to join Expatland

If the world’s expats were to form a country, it would be the 5th largest State on the planet. PHOTO | COURTESY 

Wednesday, January 16th is an important date for all businesses in Nairobi that work in the expat sector. It’s Expatland day!

What does that mean?

On January 16th, founder of Expatland John Marcarian will be holding an invite only business lunch in Nairobi to discuss setting up an Expatland Team, or E-Team, in the city to work with expats wishing to move to Kenya.

The Expatland Global Network has been developed to make life easier for expats on the move by setting up networks of service providers in key international cities. The E-Teams provide all the services an expat needs to move to and set up a life in Nairobi, this includes accountancy, law, removals and tax organisations.

Operating at a city level, the E-Teams have essential local knowledge and insight. They cut through complexity and drill down to the issues that are relevant to specific locations.


But what is Expatland? If you were to group the world’s expats together to form a country, it would be the 5th largest country on the planet, inhabited by more than 244 million people and growing fast.

Expatland began as a book, written in 2015 by John Marcarian, as a result of his personal expat journey. Its focus was to help expats plan their move overseas. The book was just the start.

To solve the problem of lack of support for would-be expats, John launched the Expatland Global Network.

E-Team members are lending their specialist knowledge to help create special Expatland books for major cities around the world. These free-to-download e-books are packed with locally-focused advice, tips and case studies.

E-Teams have already been established in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Prague and Budapest with many more cities launching in 2019.

Does your business provide services to expats moving to Kenya from another country?

Come to the Expatland Global Network business seminar on Wednesday, January 16th in Nairobi to learn about our growing network and how we can help to drive leads for your business.

Contact - [email protected] with details of your business to be added to the Nairobi E-Team event invitation list