RentCo Africa automates NSE with IT leasing solutions

Nairobi Securities Exchange CEO Geoffrey Odundo
Nairobi Securities Exchange CEO Geoffrey Odundo receives one of the laptops from RentCo Group CEO Robert Nyasimi. PHOTO | RENTCO 

RentCo Africa Limited has automated Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) with IT equipment leasing solution, which is one of RentCo Africa’s products in partnership with the best ICT manufacturers and suppliers targeting organisations which need to upgrade their ICT to be in tandem with the current change in technology for both system and hardware.

RentCo Africa is a leading company in asset leasing and financial advisory services currently providing customised innovative Asset Leasing solutions in the region. We have a wide scope of clients both corporate and learning institution which have adopted leasing.

Purchasing costs and their associated budget cycles largely conflict with IT changeover schedules. Factoring in the cost and timing of computer acquisition increases the complexity of IT change management. Leasing, as opposed to purchasing, helps smoothen out these cycle in addition to reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Leasing offers advantages that owning does not, including lower monthly payments, which are typically spread out over the course of months or years rather than delivered in a lump sum. Leasing lets you make smaller monthly payments, typically over a multiyear period instead of buying it all at once.

Benefits of IT Leasing


RentCo Africa provides excellent unrivalled IT leasing solutions in the market, affording many benefits that come with leasing equipment for businesses. There are tax benefits to leasing computer equipment (which can also include software financing options) and depending on the amount of equipment on leasing options, these tax benefits can be quite lucrative.

Working with obsolete computer equipment is not sufficient when working in a competitive business environment. Software programs and hardware requirements are constantly changing. This is one of the main reasons that top computer companies prefer leasing their computer equipment with a certified computer leasing company like RentCo Africa Limited.