Circuit has its share of interesting sites

The Kiboko Bay Resort in Kisumu. PHOTO | FILE
The Kiboko Bay Resort in Kisumu. PHOTO | FILE  NATION MEDIA GROUP

Whether you are looking for a good camping spot, a scenic picnic site or just a place to spend a family day out in the Western Kenya region, the attractions within the circuit are slowly giving other destinations a run for their money especially among the adventurous tourists looking for more than just bush and beach.

Not only is the Kakamega Forest National Reserve home to a variety of flora and fauna, it is the perfect place to take relaxing walks along the nature trails. There are various spots where you could set up picnics as well as campsites like the Isecheno which will cost you Sh65 per night and Udo’s campsite which goes for Sh200 setback each night.

You could also take time to see the Weeping Stone Of llesi popularly known as Ikhonga Murwi and find out more about what the local communities associate the endless stream of water to.

Chagaik Arboretum in Kericho established after the Second World War is the perfect place to bring back the picnic on their lush gardens with enough play room and a variety of outdoor activities for the children.

A day well-spent in Nandi hills includes playing a round of golf at the Nandi Bears club and having a picnic at the breathtaking Kapsimotwo Gardens. The greenery is so beautiful one would be forgiven for thinking that the scenic views are not authentic.


For those in the Nyanza area, this long weekend is the perfect time to try out the newest floating restaurant on Lake Victoria MV Kipepeo which has a capacity of 200 passengers. Sh300 will get you on board for one of the excursion trips but the price does not include the dining experience.

You could use other ferries Lake Express I and Lake Express II which are also run by Mbita Ferries to go to Rusinga and Mfangano Islands.

Simbi Nyaima in Kendu Bay, which in dholuo means the village that sank is now becoming a popular haven for the flamingos thought to be running away from the flooding lakes in the Rift Valley.

Other sites that might be of interest and worth your time include Kit-Mikayi and Thimlich Ohinga in Migori near the border with Tanzania.

Rusinga Island houses Tom Mboya’s Mausoleum, who was assassinated in 1969. You could spend the night at the luxurious Rusinga Island lodge instead of making a return trip on the same day. In addition to going to Rusinga Island, you could also visit Mfangano, Takawiri, Mbesa and Namolo islands still on Lake Victoria.

Ruma National Park situated in South Nyanza is wonderful to visit for its rich wildlife. This is the only place where you will see the roan antelope. If you want to go camping, you could take advantage of the Nyati and Fig tree campsites which are within the park. There are also designated picnic sites.

Kisumu Museum located within Kisumu town has a collection of artifacts from the local Luo community including their traditional homesteads in addition to a diverse collection of flora and fauna.

The Impala Sanctuary – also in the town is a lakeshore walk with Impalas and is home to all the big five except the elephant. The sanctuary has a small eco-lodge, a state lodge campsite in addition to four picnic sites.