AAR unveils cover for Covid-19 vaccine side effects


AAR Kenya Managing Director Nixon Shigoli. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU

AAR Healthcare has launched an insurance cover for patients suffering from extreme effects of Covid-19 vaccines within 60 days after getting the jab.

Individuals will pay Sh2,950 for the insurance policy dubbed ‘Chanjo’, which has a limit of Sh500,000 for inpatient treatment.

The vaccine insurance also offers a Sh500,000 last expense benefit in case of death and covers individuals aged between 18 and 60. Individuals can register for the cover through the AAR mobile app or via the company’s website.

The cover comes at a time fears of adverse effects from the Covid-19 jabs, which include fever and nausea, have fuelled scepticism towards the inoculation programme.

Ministry of Health officials have in the past warned that Covid-19 jabs are particularly risky to those “allergic to certain compounds present in the vaccines”.

“It is important to emphasise that the vaccines so far approved by the World Health Organisation are safe. However, in the unlikely event of adverse reactions resulting in hospitalisation and even death, this cover caters for treatment and last expenses incurred up to the prescribed limit," AAR Insurance managing director Nixon Shigoli said.

WHO says the side effects are an indication that the vaccines are helping the body to build protection against coronavirus, but added that some effects can be more serious.

Kenya, like other African nations, has had to grapple with sections of the population shunning the Covid-19 jabs due to potential side effects.

The US and European nations, including France and Norway, have reported cases of people suffering from health complications after getting the Covid-19 jabs.