Bolt sets higher fare on scheduled rides


Bolt has dismissed at least 5,000 drivers in the past six months due to non-compliance and safety-related matters. FILE PHOTO | POOL

Ride-hailing service Bolt will now allow its customers to book rides in advance in a plan aimed at allowing passengers to schedule their travel in advance.

The new service under a feature dubbed as Scheduled Ride, will allow Bolt customers to book their rides 72 hours in advance, a plan that will also allow drivers time to plan for their rides.

The service that is available effective immediately only in Nairobi at the moment will attract special rates that are higher than the normal charges to encourage the participation of drivers.

“We are happy to introduce Scheduled Rides, a significant feature that adds even more convenience to our valued passengers,” Bolt Country Manager for Kenya Linda Ndungu said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Planning for a future trip is now easier than it has ever been on Bolt. Passengers have more control over their business and personal travel, making mobility seamless and more enjoyable,” she added.

Ms Ndungu said the advantage of booking a Bolt ride 72 hours in advance is that passengers will no longer need to worry about the availability of a ride during peak hours.

The new feature launched by Bolt comes barely a few months after it unveiled a driver selfie check feature as part of efforts to enhance passenger safety as well as prevent driver impersonation and account sharing.

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