Firm to launch water transport on Winam Gulf


Workers conduct dredging of Winam Gulf in Lake Victoria in Kisumu County on August 31, 2021. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI | NMG

Waterbus Globology Limited is set to launch water transport along Winam Gulf by the end of January, coming as a huge boost to traders and travellers from the surrounding areas.

The move is expected to spur trade and tourism along Lwang'i-Impala-Dunga route which has been dormant for years.

With the rehabilitation of the Kisumu Inland Port, wooden boat rides that locals used to enjoy along the Winam Gulf were interrupted and have not been operational to date.

Waterbus Globology business development manager Annie Ng'ang'a said the launch of the Winam Gulf route will be a boost to lake tourism in Kisumu County.

"For a very long time there's been very limited activities along the Winam Gulf yet there are so many opportunities the lake has to offer," says Ms Ng'ang'a.

The water transport firm wants to introduce two waterbus vessels transporting passengers from Lwang'i to Dunga and another vessel from the Winam Gulf to Seme.

Currently, the water transport operates five routes in Luanda Kotieno, Mfangano, Mbita, Mfangano West and Remba.

"We are building more vessels to offer safe water transport for Kisumu residents who just want to experience the ambience of the lake," she said.

During the weekend the vessel will be offering water transport to Maboko and Ndere Island as well. They plan to charge residents a fee of sh100 to sh200 depending on their destination.

"We have something to showcase to the world, we are using 10 per cent of the Lake Blue Economy," said Ms Ng'ang'a.

"There are many school-going children who want to tour the lake for learning purposes. There are people who just want to enjoy a boat ride over the weekend to Impala or Ndere Island."

However, she asked the national government to invest in the construction of the jetty along the Winam Gulf for easier landing of water vessels.

"Likewise the issue of water population cannot be ignored, the government needs to address. We have very good policies but we need to see something happening on the ground to give a boost to the water transport sector at the lake," said Waterbus Business Development manager.

With the opening of the Winam Gulf water transport, the company says they are looking into launching water vessels from Kisumu to Kendu Bay in the near future.

"It is a lucrative route to invest in but it will need partners to release the operation of vessels along Kisumu- Kendu Bay route," she said.

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