Ways of wearing men sandals to work


There has been a revival of men’s sandals recently. PHOTO | POOL

There has been a revival of men’s sandals recently. It’s not a secret that a pair of breathable sneakers or a casual pair of loafers is most guys' go-to footwear choices for an everyday look.

Gone are the days when you might only wear them for a holiday on the beach, on school’s sports day or at the gym, but now you can wear them anywhere. Sandal for men has become a new style staple for casual outfits and for others' official look as well.

Sandals can be worn in a variety of ways depending on your personal style and desired look. My favourite look is a Crew kneck with some Chinos with some Men Tan Brown gladiators. Which is an easy way to introduce toned-down dapperness into your day-to-day casual routine.

However, if you prefer streetwear style you can grab some hiking sandals or sliders while those who are seeking comfort will find Birkenstocks.

But some men prefer to look smarter in casual outfits and that is why you can find all the designer and high street stores always stocking stylish that can be dressed in light shade trousers.

From different books that I have read the first rule is no socks, especially not white ones designed for sport then avoid flip-flops, which are too casual to fly with lapels, and instead, opt for a discreet pair in black as penned down by FASHIONBEANS. Make one foul move, and you’ll end up looking like a lost German tourist on the way to Disneyland.

Open-toed footwear comes in many forms, so deciding how to wear sandals really depends on your personal style and what kind of look you’re after.

There are different types of sandals for men that are perfect for everyday wear, office wear: the VKC Pride Sandals Hush Puppies Fisherman Sandals, Reebok Strappy Sandals, Fila Comfort Sandals, Camouflage Wide Fit Sandals, Metro Slip-on Sandals, Men Tan Brown Gladiator Sandals Mochi Shoe Style Sandal for Men.

However, if you prefer the traditional leather and cork combination Birkenstock is known for but want something more than the classic Arizona two-strap, the Milano is an excellent choice.

Always choose dark trousers which match your sandals to keep a clean line. For balance up top, throw on a neutral blazer and finish with a grandad collar shirt in white to hit the sartorial sweet spot on the smart-casual continuum.

Tips on how to match your outfit with some sandals

· Men's Brown Suit, Beige Polo, Black Leather Sandals, Multi-coloured Pocket Square

A brown suit and a beige polo will add serious style to your current routine. In the footwear department, go for something on the laid-back end of the spectrum and complement your getup with a pair of black leather sandals.

· Men's Navy Suit, Navy Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Leather Sandals, Brown Woven Leather Belt

This semi-casual combination of a navy suit and a navy crew-neck t-shirt is extremely easy to throw together without a second thought, helping you look on-trend and prepared for anything without spending a ton of time rummaging through your wardrobe.

Rounding off with a pair of black leather sandals is a fail-safe way to introduce a playful vibe to this outfit.

· Men's Beige Suit, White Linen Long Sleeve Shirt, Brown Leather Sandals, Green Pocket Square

Consider wearing a beige suit and a white linen long-sleeve shirt for a neat classy getup. Complete this ensemble with a pair of brown leather sandals to effortlessly kick up the wow factor of your outfit.

Chinos, T-shirts, Coat with some chunky sandals

If you have any lingering doubts about how easy-to-wear sandals have become, try them with the simplest outfit in the entire canon of summer menswear: chinos and a T-shirt.

Blacks, greys and earthy shades give you vague man-of-the-world vibes, even if you’re a metropolitan commuter shoulder-charging tourists out of your way en route to the office.

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