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Gigiri Lion Villa II: Great ambience washed down with bland service


At Gigiri Lion Villa II the food was decent enough but the service resembled a walrus’s face. FILE PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK

A short story without a happy ending. Me Lady wanted to spread a napkin across her lap and break bread.

We first ended up in the wrong restaurant in the wrong place but with the right name. “Go down to Gigiri Lion Villas II,” a guard told us, “this is Gigiri Lion Villa I.”

Nobody mentioned to Me Lady while reserving that there was I and II. By this time our Uber [we planned to get plastered) had already left so we had to call another and wait in the chilly Gigiri night.

We finally got to GLV II and it was gorgeous. A swimming pool in the middle of the restaurant winked blue in the night.

Well-heeled guests sat under umbrellas all around the swimming pool. Astonishing lighting. An ebbing and rising wave of low dinner chatter, tinkling cutlery, piped music, and floating laughter.

We stood at the entrance, or up a paved pathway, and waited. Then waited some more. There was no hostess to ask about our table. Waiters hurried past. We finally grabbed one and inquired about our table.

She looked cornered (rightfully) but promised to get the hostess who later came breathless. There was a big birthday party, I saw ladies in dinner dresses walking in with cake and flowers.

We were finally sat at a great table in a corner but then what's the use of a great table when you are left alone? I eventually stood up and went to the bar to ask for menus.

We eventually got two; for food (5th Ave cafe and brasserie) and for drinks (Cocomos Cocktail bar).

I ordered two glasses of red wine and two Jägermeister. The wines came, and the "jaggers" fell off the face of the earth. The bar waiter looked quite uninspired and quite ready to push me into the swimming pool if I asked about my Jägermeister one more time.

The food waiter was as warm as the middle of July. The food was decent enough but the service resembled a walrus’s face.

GLV2 is an example of great hardware but with terrible software.

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