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Boho’s shiitake mushroom and chicken cigars


Boho Eatery in Karen on March 29, 2022. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | NMG

At Boho Eatery located in Nairobi’s Karen-Hardy area, I discovered yet another restaurant perfect for outdoorsy diners.

It is a residential house converted into a restaurant. There is a lounge area with sofas, big potted plants, and a fireplace that makes for a place to have drinks and casual bites. The indoors tables are placed next to big French windows that let in lots of light.

Outside on a stone patio is more seating on cushioned swinging chairs and dining benches under a canopy of hanging vines.

We sat on the partly covered veranda facing the garden, with a beautiful wall mural of a tropical forest behind us.

There is a little pond at the bottom of the garden and more tables on the grass. An old Volkswagen minibus sits in one corner and is a bar from where they serve speciality mixes at night, such as a chai and Swahili lime cocktail.

The waiters are pleasant and quick. They serve a combination of different cuisines such as Asian, African, Mexican, Mediterranean, and European.

Our waiter was very good at recommending dishes that we should try. From the ‘Something Small’ list of starters, we ordered the twice-fried plantains with guacamole and chilli paste.

The sweetness and crispy texture of the bananas balanced well with the tart tomato flavours and creamy guacamole. We also had some shiitake mushroom and tofu dumplings on mushroom cream with szechuan chilli oil. They were so delicious that we ordered a second portion.

The chicken cigars, a type of spring roll with a sweet chilli sauce, gets a lot of rave reviews from customers. The roasted cauliflower and fennel soup would be enticing on a cold night.

One of the most popular main dishes is the bliss burger. They have twisted this classic meal by using pulled beef instead of a beef patty, and it comes with a ‘healthy’ helping of French fries.

I enjoyed my choice of crispy chicken tacos, served with corn salsa, guacamole and a chilli lime dressing.

There is a selection of dosa, South Indian rice crepes with different fillings such as lentils, cheddar cheese, and coconut chutney. Though typically a breakfast item, a stuffed dosa would be suitable for a light lunch.

The ‘bowls’ section has homestyle noodles with tofu, black or brown rice, seafood, steak, or vegetables. If you are coming for evening drinks, consider a shared mezze platter with halloumi cheese, olives, vegetable crudities, and charcoal crackers.

For beverages, we chose a chilled Rose wine as it was a hot day. A cold hibiscus iced tea or a mint lemonade sounds perfect if you want a refreshing, non-alcoholic beverage. A guest at the table next to us said she liked her Bateleur beer, a craft Kenyan lager.

For dessert, I opted for a gelato ice cream with pistachio and blackberry flavours, perfect for a warm afternoon. My friends chose the chilled sweet melon with yoghurt sorbet and a strawberry sundae. Boho has a vegan cheesecake and on another occasion, I would try the coconut chia pudding.