Pleasant reunion at Amazonia Bar

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I happened on it by sheer mistake. I went to Kienyeji restaurant at Corner Mall, on James Gichuru Road. Kienyeji, as the name suggests, does local flavours. I go there for omena, which some people insist is food for cats. They make the best omena and fish and things like that. And their traditional vegetables are unrivalled. 

After eating I sat spaced out as one should after driving so far to eat something they had been craving for months. I wasn’t thinking of anything, particularly other than listening to my body sigh and thank me when I saw a guy I hadn’t seen since 2008 walk up a flight of stairs. I looked for his number on my phone but realised I didn’t have it. So I went looking for him. 

That’s how I stumbled on Amazonia. If it sounds like somewhere with a lot of trees you will be forgiven because it does. It doesn’t have many trees, rather it has the impression of being in the Amazon. It’s got wallpapers that depict deep forests, greenery, birds, and thick foliage. 

The guy was seated at a corner table with two girls on their phones. He was scanning the menu when I stood over him and said, “Born town!” (That’s his street name. He’s a small-town guy like most of us). He looked up and laughed and we hugged and said “I heard you got Covid!” There has never been a more random greeting or a more inaccurate one seeing as I’ve never had Covid. 

Anyway, we had a drink. Then we had samosas. The girls never said a word to us compelling me to ask him if he knew them. He said he didn’t. Strange city this. 

Amazonia looks like the place to grab a drink as you decide where else to move to. Like a sundowner with strangers. 

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