Wine And Bottle Bar And Grill: Nairobi's great hedonism ship

I had a bad meal somewhere and then I went to Wine and Bottle Bar and Grill to apologise to my body for abusing it.

I did not even plan to go to this bar and did not know it existed but as we drove down Lower Kabete Road from Ring Road, Parklands I saw it twinkle in the darkness.

It looked like a massive ship that had a great party going on. The bright lights seduced me. I like bright, shiny things that wink in darkness.

So I asked the Uber to turn in on a whim and discovered that it was in one of these fancy mini-markets that are springing up in Nairobi with carwash, restaurants, pharmacies, and bars in it.

The carwash was still working at that hour of the night.

Upstairs was full and had what the cool children of the internet used to call ‘a vibe’. [There could be a new lingo now, you can check, I never can keep up].

I made my way up the wooden upstairs to the upper wooden and very well-aerated deck of this great ship of hedonism. I like the charm of the wood. I love the aroma of the wood.

The age group was around the 30s, but there were also people like me in their 40s. I saw a former Cabinet Secretary with a hat pulled low over his face.

He was sitting with a very tiny young girl with a wrist the size of my thumb. I found that fascinating, her wrist, that is.

The service was slow but the music was insane. The deejay kept pelting us with bangers after bangers [cool internet children lingo).

I went up to him to request a song by Bobby Brown because who does not love that bad boy and he looked at me like I was mad. [He was playing New Jack swing after all].

He said he would play it. I waited and waited for Bobby Brown but he never came. I had had a few so I did not take it to heart. It was not personal, only business.

I had a fantastic time. You will too if you enjoy great music. Tip; if you manage to get a waiter, order your drinks wholesale.

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