Why fast food chains are fighting for Eldoret town


Kenyan food consumers tipped Glovo riders Sh115,325 during the 12 months to September. FILE PHOTO | POOL

The taste of a fat juicy burger has seen the deliveries of the delicacy increase across the country and Eldoret has not been left behind.

Data from Spanish delivery firm Glovo shows the Rift Valley’s principal town recorded the highest growth consumption of burgers in 2022 with an 83 percent increase, followed by Ngong-Rongai-Karen, Kisumu, and Mombasa, all with a growth rate of 43 percent, reflecting the growing popularity of the delicacy in these areas.

Burgers have fast become a staple among Kenya’s working force because these warm sandwiches are inexpensive, meaty and delicious.

Takeaways are part of everyday life and online deliveries are growing rapidly as customers discover convenience on all levels, be it product customisation, mobile-optimised search, quick checkout processes, or hassle-free delivery.

Local and international fast food chain stores including KFC with new outlets across the country have seen a growing appetite for burgers among Kenyans.

Firms that have set up online delivery in Eldoret have also contributed to the high consumption outside Nairobi.

They include ChickenInn, Chicken Run, Baker’s Point Eldoret Mall, the Loop Gardens — Chepkoilel Junction Eldoret, Java House, the Eat Out and the Well Irish Pub and Restaurant.

The multi-category online shopping and delivery platform researches the most ordered foods of the year and burgers were top of the list.

Kenyans ordered at least 20 burgers per hour or one burger every three minutes in 2022 with Nairobi leading the consumption by 82 percent.

“The most ordered burger products from partner chains in 2022 were the beef burger, chicken burger and cheeseburger. From local SMEs, the most ordered burgers were the chicken burger, cheeseburger and beef burger,” said Glovo.

Most burgers were ordered in May last year and the 29th of the month recorded the highest number of deliveries according to Glovo.

“August 2 at 8:33 pm was considered the golden minute in which 26 burgers were being delivered through the app at the same time,” said Glovo.

Caroline Mutuku, general manager at Glovo Kenya, said their analysis showed that burgers were fast becoming a popular dinner option and a sought-after lunch alternative.

“The peak hours for burger orders were observed at 19:00h and 13:00h. Additionally, the time slot between 18:00h and 21:00h accounted for a significant 40 percent of the daily burger consumption, emphasising the demand for burgers during these hours,” said Ms Mutuku.

Data from the Spanish delivery firm shows Kenyan consumerism patterns keep changing over food items ordered from their application.

The firm delivered 135,000 pizzas in 12 months to February 2023, highlighting the rising popularity of the product in the country.

Chicken-flavoured pizza was the most ordered with 15,960 deliveries followed by Pepperoni and Margarita, a rising interest in the Italian delicacy.

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