Embrace tax systems that grow compliance


Times Tower in Nairobi, the headquarters of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). FILE PHOTO | NMG

While every beginning has teething problems, we find the unending hitches with the Kenya Revenue Authority’s new systems unbelievable and unacceptable as has just happened with the electronic tax invoice management system ( e-Tims) yet again.

After complaints around the practicability of this tool by some businesses, the KRA is now asking the affected entities to use alternatives.

While taxpayers should appreciate the fast migration to electronic operations, it is expected of the Treasury and the KRA, to only introduce tax tools that taxpayers can understand.

Without a doubt, the many technological hiccups are emerging as a threat to achieving the collection targets that keep the government awake. Taxation is such a crucial undertaking to be exposed to unnecessary hitches that not only inconvenience the taxpayer but also deny the economy the facilitation required to unlock growth.

The taxman must make compliance a priority through systems and tools that are easily navigable according to a taxpayer’s level of operation.

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