Impose stiffer penalties on telcos, compel them to compensate consumers

Communications Authority of Kenya

The Communications Authority of Kenya headquarters in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Revelations that three quarters of the complaints that consumers made over mobile network services between July and September last year were unresolved are a wake-up call to the Communications Authority of Kenya.

Telecommunications firms solved a paltry five out of the 20 complaints on poor quality of voice and data services in the period, a slow rate that points to a laissez-faire attitude yet customers pay for the services.

CA should move in and impose stiffer penalties on the culpable firms besides compelling them to compensate their customers following the complaints.

Increasing the financial burden on the telcos for failure to offer quality service and address consumer complaints is critical in ensuring that the firms address public dissatisfaction quickly.

Besides the penalties, CA should continuously crack the whip on any telco that does not meet the quality thresholds put in place on the quality of services offered based on the annual compliance reports.

This is key to ensuring that consumers get value for the money spent on these services and ultimately help Kenya grow its telecommunications space for both current and potential new players in the future.

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