Keep the pledge on austerity this year

Kenya’s President William Ruto. 

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

The trilemma for nearly every developing economy is how to deliver more development while at the same time taxing people less and not plunging the country into a debt hole. Kenya’s situation is no different.

But this year, President William Ruto must address the spending question. His quest to roll out new or enhanced taxes and slow down on borrowing must be accompanied by quality spending if the economy is to work for all.

Without a deliberate move to tame wastage and extravagance, there will be no much transformation no matter how much money the government will collect from citizens.

Swelling recurrent spending to accommodate additional offices, questionable allowances and unnecessary travels have been the order of the day. The government must deliver on its social contract with the people of Kenya.

It is only fair that by paying more taxes, Kenyans should get much more from the government. This should be the year for President Ruto to deliver on his growing to-do list.

Dr Ruto acknowledged in his New Year address that the people of Kenya “have made great sacrifices to immensely facilitate” the government and its officials. This should be the year to make this country work for everyone.

Kenyans want public institutions that will increase opportunities for wealth and employment creation for all. Only in doing so will statistics such as Kenya being the 29th fastest-growing economy globally start to make sense.

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