Have you put your money in a pooled fund or considered it but are unsure if it is the right choice? Collective investment schemes have become one of the most popular investing avenues, boosted largely by the minimum investment requirement, which is as low as Sh5.

On the third episode of the Make Money Podcast by Business Daily Africa, Financial Planner Belinda Kiplimo explores the potential benefits of pooling your money with other investors as well as the drawbacks, including loss of control over individual investments.

We'll share some tips on how to evaluate different options to find the best fit for your investment goals. Tune in now and join the conversation!

Make Money, a podcast series from Business Daily Africa unravels ways to be financially savvy. This is Season 1, where we’ll be sharing practical tips and advice on how to increase your income, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom in Kenya. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned investor, we’ve got something for everyone.

Season 1

Episode 1: Financial fitness – walk before you can run
Episode 2: Myths about investing 

Episode 4: A cheque from government
Episode 5: NSE - Taking stock of the market
Episode 6: Going offshore – cast your bread in many waters
Episode 7: Kenya’s black gold
Episode 8: Investor’s edge - Saccos
Episode 9: How wife’s wake-up call led Ken to make more money

Season 2

Episode 1: Redefining your money goals