Initially conceived as a savings and loans vehicle, Saccos - Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations - have transformed how people save, borrow, and invest. Millions of Kenyans have leveraged the expansive Sacco movement to not only make money but also build wealth, with thousands crediting their asset ownership to Saccos.

Does the same hold today? Should you join (if you haven’t yet) or keep investing in Saccos? How do you choose the right one? How can you evaluate its financial stability and ensure your money is well-protected?

Joining us in the latest episode is Harambee Sacco CEO, Dr George Ochiri, to discuss the tools and knowledge you need to explore the world of Saccos.

Make Money, a podcast series from Business Daily Africa unravels ways to be financially savvy. This is Season 1, where we’ll be sharing practical tips and advice on how to increase your income, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom in Kenya. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned investor, we’ve got something for everyone.

Season 1

Episode 1: Financial fitness – walk before you can run
Episode 2: Myths about investing 
Episode 3: Baby steps…Little is more
Episode 4: A cheque from government
Episode 5: NSE - Taking stock of the market
Episode 6: Going offshore – cast your bread in many waters
Episode 7: Kenya’s black gold

Episode 9: How wife’s wake-up call led Ken to make more money

Season 2

Episode 1: Redefining your money goals