How NAWIRI's Digital Loyalty Platform is revolutionizing consumer engagement.

Humphrey Kirui is the founding CEO of Binary ONE Solutions.

The NAWIRI Ecosystem: Bridging manufacturers, retailers, and consumers

Named after the Swahili word for ‘to flourish,’ NAWIRI is a game-changing Kenyan innovation designed to amplify sales, fight counterfeits, and enhance consumer loyalty for manufacturers by forging direct connections with end-users and last-mile retailers.

Broad spectrum of influence: Versatility across industries

From construction materials such as cement, paint, tiles, and iron sheets, to auto after-sales
products including lubricants, tyres, batteries, and parts; from the realms of farming with seeds, fertilisers, and agrochemicals to the household niches of detergents, beauty products and foodstuffs, NAWIRI casts a wide net of influence among these Manufacturers.

Reinventing loyalty: Secure, digital incentives for consumers and retailers

At the heart of this digital revolution are the product coupons, ingeniously designed to hold encrypted scratch-to-reveal points. These coupons are tailored for the pivotal consumption influencers: the end consumers or retailers: shopkeepers, mechanics, fundis, housewives, beauticians, or farmers.

The digital E-reward system embedded within allows these dedicated customers to seamlessly redeem their amassed points – unlocking reward benefits at each stage of product consumption. The rewards?

Instant airtime to all networks & M-PESA Cashback crafted to NHIF or SACCO utility, Power Tokens, Shopping Vouchers, and Data Bundle bonuses – all accessible from the ubiquitous mobile phone, be it a smartphone or a feature phone - locally known as “Kabambe”.

Customization & data sovereignty: Your brand, your data

To enhance the platform's adaptability, manufacturers have the flexibility to white-label the NAWIRI Loyalty Platform. This enables them to cultivate their own customised Loyalty App, imbued with their unique brand guide.

This feature proves invaluable, especially in adhering to Data Protection, as each manufacturer will own their consumption data.

In the increasingly digital marketplace, Brand Protection is paramount. NAWIRI offers an innovative solution to this challenge with secure digital coupons featuring in-built anti-counterfeiting measures.
By leveraging NAWIRI's technology, companies can safeguard their brand integrity and build consumer trust, effectively allowing their business to prosper in a competitive landscape.

Insightful analytics: The power of data-driven decision making

NAWIRI doesn't merely stop at consumer gratification. With actionable insights drawn from rich data analytics, businesses can formulate highly targeted, data-driven campaigns and promotions. For the first time in a modern supply chain, we provide an unparalleled glimpse into consumption patterns: from nationwide consumption demographics, and regional product preferences, to identifying top consumers.

This vital data, visually represented for easy comprehension backed by automated daily reports, allows manufacturers to draw actionable insights formulating effective data-driven campaigns and promotions.

Accelerated Growth: Realize Unmatched ROI and Streamlined Deployment

Perhaps, the most compelling argument for NAWIRI is its robust Return on Investment (ROI).
The evident impact: No less than a staggering 30% surge in annual turnover within a mere year from activation. From efficient and instant airtime distribution via all mobile phone types, using product coupons, businesses have witnessed skyrocketing sales beyond the promised threshold.

This rapid deployment, encapsulated within a 2-month frame, is paired with a prototype preview, ensuring businesses know exactly what they're investing in. Local and Multinational Manufacturers stand testimony to NAWIRI's prowess, with record-setting sales performances manifested within the first year of activation.

Notably, Isuzu East Africa (former General Motors) and Crown Paints PLC have significantly increased their market share for lubricants and paint products respectively, as a result.

In a world striving for digital efficacy among competing brands, the NAWIRI Digital Loyalty Platform stands tall, redefining consumption patterns and establishing itself as an indispensable tool for Kenyan Manufacturers.

Mr. Kirui is the Founding CEO of Binary ONE Solutions, a Nairobi-based IT consulting company focusing on 3 avant-grade Digital Transformation innovations among them NAWIRI, Odoo ERP and Virtual CIO Services showcased on

For inquiries, reach out via [email protected] or +254 787 990 220.

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