SeamlessHR, leading HR tech startup, hosts partners in Kenya to facilitate international expansion

SeamlessHR co-founder and CEO Emmanuel Okeleji

SeamlessHR's co-founder and CEO Emmanuel Okeleji. PHOTO | SEAMLESSHR

Nairobi, Kenya – June 1, 2022 - SeamlessHR recently hosted its partners in Nairobi. Having announced a $10 million funding round in January, the company is moving towards a full-scale launch in Kenya as part of its broader international expansion play, bringing it closer to its African unicorn ambition. 

SeamlessHR provides end-to-end HR software that helps companies effectively manage their entire human resource and payroll processes, thereby giving power back to HR to be more strategic than operational. The channel partners - persons and organisations with a vast corporate network and influence within the Kenyan market, will play a critical role in customer acquisition, implementation, support, and overall growth to help SeamlessHR scale in the East African market.

Business partners during the SeamlessHR event. PHOTO | SEAMLESSHR

Priding itself on providing world-class software for organisations across Africa, SeamlessHR's product suite includes an HR management system, talent management, HR analytics, leave management, payroll management, and recruitment management system. The company's enterprise-grade solution caters to businesses with fewer than 100 employees to large enterprises with more than 10,000 employees, including multinationals, banks, and startups. Its list of prestigious clients includes PwC, AXA, Sterling Bank, Flutterwave and TGI Group.

"We're a rapidly growing SaaS startup with global ambitions. We understand that the quality of our partnerships is critical to reaching our goals," said SeamlessHR's co-founder and CEO Emmanuel Okeleji at the breakfast meeting with partners. "We're putting in a lot of work and being deliberate about serving the East African market, using Kenya as a business hub while covering other countries in the region and contributing our quota to the growth of businesses here."

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Deji Lana also spoke extensively about the company's relentless dedication to excellent software that competes favourably amongst the best software products globally. "We're building products for an international market, and we want our customers to use our products, confident that it is the best they can get anywhere in the world," he said.

SeamlessHR Director of International Expansion, Nikki Summers

SeamlessHR's Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Deji Lana (left) and Director of International Expansion, Nikki Summers. PHOTO | SEAMLESSHR

SeamlessHR's Director of International Expansion, Nikki Summers, leads the partner programme. She recently joined the startup from Sage, where she was Regional Director for East and West Africa. Nikki will direct efforts to grow the business' footprint with entry into East Africa, Southern Africa, and Ghana markets while offering strategic business leadership and expertise towards the continued success of the partnership programme.

East Africa SeamlessHR team. PHOTO | SEAMLESSHR

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About SeamlessHR is an HR technology company focused on helping businesses in emerging markets become more productive and successful by deploying well designed, world-class technology solutions. The startup's eponymous product suite is a robust, cloud-based, end-to-end HR software that helps businesses manage their entire human resource processes from hire to retire. The enterprise-grade solution caters to various companies, from SMEs with fewer than 100 employees to large enterprises with over 10,000 employees.

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