The importance of diversification in a cryptocurrency portfolio


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Cryptocurrency trading has really gained much momentum in the past decade with many investors in the financial markets both the veteran and the new ones. This is why it is better to diversify the investment in cryptocurrencies to minimise risks and get the greatest profits.

In diversification, the investment is made in different types of securities to reduce the risk-return of the portfolio. This article seeks to explain the importance of diversification in the cryptocurrency trading portfolio, the merits and demerits of diversification, the ways of diversifying and the right procedures that should be followed in the formation of a diversified portfolio.

Understanding diversification

Diversification is very much a risk management strategy which is the act of investing in different securities in a bid to minimise the risk of loss. The rationale of diversification is that combining several different investment instruments will produce a more favourable return with lower risk than the individual instruments. This strategy can be employed when operating in a conventional business and is also quite effective when dealing with digital currencies.

Advantages of diversifying in cryptocurrency

Risk mitigation

Volatility is a very common theme in cryptocurrencies and that means that their prices can fluctuate greatly in a very short time. This allows you to minimize the effect of a particular currency’s negative performance on your investment portfolio. For instance, if you have an investment portfolio that only has Bitcoin and the value of Bitcoin drops, then your entire investment portfolio is affected. However, if you are also an investor in Ethereum, Cardano and other Altcoins, you may not feel the impact of the depreciation of Bitcoin since you may be equally gaining in other assets.

Potential for higher returns

One cryptocurrency may do well while the other may not, at the same time. Holding a diversified portfolio helps you to gain returns from different assets. For instance, when the price of Bitcoin is going down, the price of Solana or Binance Coin is likely to be rising, thereby, levelling off the losses made in the portfolio.

Exposure to different technologies and use cases

The cryptocurrency market is vast and it ranges from one project to another depending on the particular innovation it seeks to address. This way, you get exposure to a wide range of technologies and uses, including DeFi platforms, NFTs and supply chain solutions based on blockchain. This allows for possible growth since as other segments of the cryptocurrency market change, there could be room for development.

Strategies for diversification

  • Invest in different types of cryptocurrencies: One of the worst things that can happen to you is to have no trading with leverage, one way can be by investing all your funds into a single cryptocurrency, it is advisable to diversify your investment. This can be the large cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, together with the lesser-known ones, often known as altcoins, which have high probabilities of appreciating. Also, it might be really useful to invest in stablecoins, which are developed to have low volatility and can serve as a shelter during the bear market.
  • Geographic and sector diversification: Cryptocurrencies are used and are being developed in various regions of the world and in many industries. In addition to that, you can also invest in cryptocurrencies from various geographical locations and industry segments. By way of example, you could decide to buy coins for a blockchain project that is based in Asia and deals with supply chain solutions, another one based in the United States and that is involved in the financial services industry and the third one that is based in Europe and is engaged in the development of the decentralised social networks.
  • Invest in crypto-related assets: But the investment doesn’t have to be made directly in cryptocurrencies you can also invest in other crypto-products including stock of companies that deal with the bitcoin technology, mining of the digital currency or even the fintech companies. ETFs that are linked to a portfolio of cryptocurrencies or firms that are involved in the cryptocurrency business can also be considered a good diversification strategy.
  • Rebalancing your portfolio: It is important to note that to keep the portfolio diversified you need to rebalance it regularly. This is because, with changes in the market values of the securities that you hold, your portfolio will gradually change from the strategy that you laid out at the beginning. It entails the process of buying or selling some of the assets to ensure that the portfolio of the investor is back to the planned or adjusted diversification percentages.


Indeed, it can really be argued here that diversification is an essential factor that assists in managing risks and returns on investments in cryptocurrencies. Like this, you may not put all your money in one cryptocurrency, industry or region and lose it all when there is a market crumble. It is very advisable to do good research on the market you want to invest in, do not venture much into different markets, keep updated and seek the services of professionals in your diversification plans. In the fast-growing environment that is occupied by cryptocurrencies, diversification has the potential to be very useful in terms of managing the market and earning returns.

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