Transforming Kenya's Business Landscape Through Advanced ERP Solutions

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Agile Business Solutions Limited managing director, Anthony Komen.

Have you ever imagined how your organization can thrive through the adoption of advanced technology?

In an age characterized by swift technological progress, Kenya's corporate environment has experienced a profound metamorphosis.

Businesses throughout the nation are enthusiastically adopting state-of-the-art solutions to elevate their efficiency, rationalize their workflows, and fortify their economic impact.

Leading the charge in this dynamic landscape is Agile Business Solutions Limited, a pioneering firm spearheading the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions.

Renowned for their mastery in delivering tailor-made ERP solutions for over 10 years, Agile Business Solutions serves a diverse clientele spanning various industries.

Guests during Agile Business Solutions Limited Dinner.

Agile Business Solutions is a leader in:

HIGHLY ADAPTIVE Public Sector ERP - Public sector entities leverage ERP software to optimize administrative procedures, oversee fiscal allocations, handle procurement operations, and enhance the delivery of citizen services.

FULL-SCALE automation of PENSION ADMINISTRATION- We’ve specialized in a Pension Management System Agile-Pen Solution designed to support the administration and management of pension funds, retirement plans, and related financial operations. This ERP system works for organizations that are responsible for managing pension benefits for their employees. It outsmarts the rest with its special features such as Annuity, Post-Retirement Medical Fund, and Orphan Trust Fund.

AUTOMATED AGRIBUSINESS  Manufacturing & Processes Management System -Our ERP solutions in the agriculture sector help with production management, farm operations, supply chain logistics, compliance, and value addition (manufacturing) processes.

CUSTOMER-CENTRIC INSURANCE and brokerage system - Insurance companies also benefit from specialized ERP solutions designed to meet their unique needs. Some Key features are Policy Administration, Claims Management, Underwriting and Risk Assessment, Billing and Premium Management, Claims Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Reinsurance Management, Actuarial and Risk Modeling, Multichannel Distribution and Integration Capabilities.

All-level EDUCATION ERP–Academic institutions deploy ERP systems for student enrollment, course scheduling, student records management, and financial management.

NON-PROFIT Organizations ERP -ERP software is employed by nonprofit organizations to efficiently oversee donor relationships, fundraising initiatives, grant management, and financial reporting.

OIL AND GAS Industry - ERP systems are crucial for oil and gas companies, enabling them to boost efficiency, safety, and compliance while effectively handling the intricacies of exploration, production, and distribution cost-effectively.

Key functionalities encompass asset management, production and reservoir oversight, regulatory adherence, health, safety, and environmental compliance, energy trading and risk management, as well as quality control and inspections.

These systems empower firms to make better decisions, minimize downtime, and stay agile in shifting market dynamics.

The dessert to our offerings is a robust team of Data Analysts to provide advisory and technical services.

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Agile Business Solutions Limited at Konza.

Furthermore, to leverage the austerity of our products, we have intentionally built solid partnerships with global technology leaders; SAP, and Oracle, and proudly wear a Gold partnership accolade from Microsoft.

For more information do reach us through: [email protected] or call +254 723 929 999 &  
+254 733 290 655

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