Work smart: How to cut costs on logistics for business

PTG Travel’s fleet includes easily identifiable green and black-branded vehicles with luxurious interiors and plenty of passenger space. PHOTO | PTG TRAVEL

Business travel is an essential component of modern corporate culture. Whether it is a client meeting, a conference or a business deal, travelling to different locations for work is a routine for most professionals. However, travelling can also be a significant source of stress and anxiety, especially regarding transportation itself.

Corporate taxi services have become increasingly popular among businesses and corporate travellers, as they offer a reliable and efficient means of transportation.

Over time, it has become costly for businesses to run and manage their transport departments, especially moving their teams from one boardroom to another in search of more business. Hiring fleets of vehicles and managing drivers internally has also proven to be too high a cost and a big headache, which moves finances and energy from the core business. PTG Travel, a leading tech-driven ride-hailing and transport solutions provider in Kenya takes this burden off businesses.

With experience spanning over a decade, PTG Travel serves four major towns across the country and boasts over one million customers offering a range of services, including taxis, VIP transport, corporate and airport transfers, event transport and car hire via the PTG Travel App.

The platform’s automated logistics process makes it easier for corporates to manage their teams’ transport needs offering transport-on-demand, eliminating bloated budgets on fleet and driver management, saving money, and making it easier for businesses to focus on what they do best.

In 2022, Kenya’s international tourist arrivals were 1,483,752, which represents 70.45 percent increase as compared to 2021 arrivals of 870,465. The inbound receipts grew up to Sh268.09 billion compared to Sh146.51 billion in 2021, which is a growth of 83 percent.

The nearly 1.5 million visitors arrived in Kenya for different purposes, with visitors on holiday leading at 36.6 percent followed by those visiting friends and family at 27.8 percent of the total. Visitors on business and MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) took third position with 27.2 percent.

To help both companies and individuals move around with competitive fares and flexible invoicing terms, PTG Travel offers highly trained drivers in safety and navigating across different parts of any city to ensure timely arrivals.

PTG Travel also offers your company a portal where you can access service utilisation and, if needed, an approval system where managers can authorise employees’ trips. The event transport division can be embedded into your event planning processes to meet your logistical needs, from airport transfers to on-ground logistics for your attendees.

PTG Travel prioritises the comfort and safety of its passengers and offers an easy booking process through its app or website. Its 24-hour customer care centre is available to solve any issues that may arise.

The company’s fleet includes easily identifiable green and black-branded vehicles with luxurious interiors and plenty of passenger space.

PTG Travel’s VIP service includes sleek, executive-style vehicles that can accommodate four to seven passengers, depending on the type of VIP vehicle requested.

PTG Delivery is also available for larger items via a vehicle or small items via a motorbike for quick deliveries.

As the company looks to expand its services to neighbouring countries, PTG Travel is also focused on sustainability. The company is working with different partners to introduce electric vehicles (EVs) to its fleet and aims to have at least 30 percent of the fleet consisting of EVs or hybrid cars by 2028.

Partnering with a reputable corporate taxi service provider like PTG Travel, your business can streamline your travel arrangements and focus on your core objectives. If you’re looking for an experienced, reliable, and cost-effective solution for your company’s transportation and logistics needs, PTG Travel is a great choice!

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