Weetabix warns traders against selling Multibix

Multibix and Weetabix on a supermarket shelf on March 1, 2015. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU
Multibix and Weetabix on a supermarket shelf on March 1, 2015. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU 

Consumer goods retailers have been given one month to clear their shelves of a breakfast cereal brand, Multibix, or risk being committed to jail for contempt of court.

UK cereals manufacturer Weetabix has issued a public notice warning all dealers to clear their shelves of the cereal by May 30, or risk being jailed. Multibix is the subject of a legal dispute between its manufacturer, Manji Food Industries and the UK cereals maker.

Justice Eric Ogola last month ordered Manji to recall all its Multibix cereals from supermarket shelves after Weetabix laid claim on the exclusive use of the suffix ‘bix.’

The UK cereals has sued Manji over the name, arguing that it has registered the ‘bix’ suffix in several countries including Kenya.

“This is to notify all the members of the public that by a settlement between Weetabix Limited and Manji Food Industries it has been agreed that any person found stocking or promoting the biscuit product Multibix shall be liable for contempt of court,” the notice reads.

The UK cereals maker published the notice in local dailies on Friday, but gave dealers a one month grace period to clear their shelves of the product.

Following negotiations between the cereal manufacturers, Weetabix will have the authority to confiscate and destroy any box of Multibix on sale.

Weetabix filed an application in December seeking to temporarily stop Manji from manufacturing the product or selling it until the dispute before Mr Justice Ogola is determined.