Want to grow? Read plenty of educative books


Book covers. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Last week my daughter made a delicious exotic dish using a recipe she leant on Internet. What’s even more fascinating is that all ingredients are available at local supermarkets. I am truly awestruck by the way Internet has made acquisition of knowledge and skills easy.

With all challenges our society is facing, we are a fortunate generation to live at a time when empowering information and has become cheaper than table salt.

Today you can Google almost everything from the Internet. You can tap into the mind of top experts in any field including those who dies centuries ago at the click of a mouse.

Throughout history individuals who have stood out for their meteoric success have elicited a lot of interest from the society. Their lives have been examined and studied to establish secrets of success that can be applied to others and achieve similar success. Their habits, the kind of food their eat, their faith, locality and even brains have not been spared in quest to find the key to success.

However, one thing that stands out starkly as the common denominator among all success people is their quest for knowledge that comes from learning.

It is said that if you walked into a wealthy and successful person’s home one of the first things you will see is a home library or stacks of book that they have used to educate themselves on how to become more successful.

On the other hand, if you visited the poor and the average person’s home what you see first is home theatre and a big screen TV set for entertainment.

A glimpse into the lives of leaders who have created wealth and success legitimately reveal that they are men and women who have embraced the habit of reading and searching knowledge voraciously.

Examples of people dropping out of school or foregoing a formal education but continuing to build themselves by learning are very common among top achievers.

Studies show that highly successful people tend to read informative books over entertainment books. As such they read factual books, self-development books, biographies and autobiographies and other inspiration books. They consume less or none of fiction novels, tabloids, magazines and other entertainment stuff.

Successful people understand that the biggest asset in life is knowledge and skills that enables them to generate wealth, which is not mostly beyond formal knowledge from school.

Thus, they are not satisfied with formal education. Rather they appreciate and pursue empowering learning long after college is over.

Poor people would rather be entertained than educated, yet education is power that can potentially lift them from the pangs of poverty.

Indeed, most problems that plague our business has to do with ignorant of the very business environment we operate on.

is a business trainer and the author of The Art of Entrepreneurship: Strategies to Succeed in a Competitive Market. [email protected]