Walk the talk even if bit by bit

Be good, do good and feel good. FILE PHOTO |
Be good, do good and feel good. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

This is the story of a garden of statues. Long ago, there was a magical place that held some of the world's great wonders and treasures. It was not an obscure place, nor was it hidden, and anyone could enter and enjoy its delights. All they had to do was fulfil one requirement: be a good person, no heroism or no extraordinary talent; just a good person.

One day, two young friends, Alan and Bernard went there to seek their fortune. As they had to face their test alone, Alan went first. He went into this beautiful garden which was adorned with many statues that were looking very real.

A few minutes into the garden, he realised most of the statues were drooping and sad, while some looked very puzzled. Alan did not want to get distracted by the expressions of the statutes and moved on with his mission. At the end of the park, opened a gate to what looked like paradise. Alan was delighted and moved on to enter the place when he saw two large, grey statues, one with a sad expression and one with a joyful expression. There was a signage that read, “Tell the statues about the goodness of your character.”

Alan was delighted that he finally got there and said, “I have never cheated on anyone and have never caused harm to anyone. I make sure I help anyone who needs me.” Just then, he turned to be a statue just like all others who said similar words.

Not knowing about any of this, now it was the turn of Bernard to go in. He looked at the statues and realised that the statues looked very sad and grim. He walked up to each of them and uttered words of comfort, caressed them.


He found some statues very dull and lifeless, so he went to bring on water and cleaned them a bit. Towards the end, he found the statue of his friend, Alan and was shocked. He found the gate to paradise and the same statues and the signage. He was alarmed and shouted out, “My friend Alan seems to be cursed, please give him back to me, I don’t want any fortune, please help me.” Suddenly he heard a voice, “Finally here comes someone who just does not talk about his good deeds but is walking the talk, he deserves what he wants.” Soon Bernard witnessed the impossible, he saw Alan come back to life. They both realised there were many more trapped and prayed the guards for their release. Everyone was miraculously released when they promised that they would live to do a lot of good in the world and end up surrounded by friends.

Be good, do good and feel good: The true definition of joy is the happiness you get when you are able to make someone else happy When you do good without expectations, you get back unexpected results:

What goes around comes around. When you spread joy and happiness without expecting anything in return, the universe will conspire to bring you results beyond what you could have expected If you can’t help everyone, at least start by helping someone: No good deed is measured by how small or how big it is and not how many it can impact. Even if the smallest of your deeds can help even one single person, don’t hesitate, just go ahead and do it.