Brands should try out varied content services

 digital fireplaces
Find out what your consumers are looking for and create the digital fireplaces where they can either find or discuss them. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

There are a number of reports that I always look forward to reviewing, and the top two on that list are the Google Trends Report and Opera Software’s State of the Mobile Web.

While Google Trends has a nifty dashboard where one can view global trends filtered for region and custom timeline, it is the consolidated report that brings it all together to better understand the mind of the digital consumer based on their search habits. Opera Software with its suite of products provides a complementary and rich layer of additional data that connects the search query to the consumers final destination informed by 119 million users of their products in Africa.

Every executive charged with moving a product or service needs to know how best to reach their consumers. Traditional media lacks the flexibility and hyper personalisation that digital can deliver and it is evident that spend is shifting to mediums that can provide better measurement and by extension a return on investment. Those who are able to identify and participate around the constellation of digital fireplaces where their consumers gather have an edge over both direct and adjacent competitors.

Social media as a general category leads the pack in destination traffic, followed by search engines and entertainment. We are yet to hit sweet spot pricing on mobile data, a factor that is tempering the consumption of a wider variety of content or services. Brands that are keen to have a leg up are best advised to experiment with different reward mechanisms such as sponsored data which will increase access to services, products and over time drive retention, even as statistics show that the medium of choice is now video.

Smart phones should not be looked at solely as the implementation playground for mobile applications. There is too much competition for screen and storage space, and the default strategy by many businesses to go the native app way is often ill-informed. Consumption of content and services can and will still happen outside the ‘structure’ of a traditional mobile app and this is where the use of progressive web apps comes into play to deliver reliable, fast and engaging user experiences on both web and mobile.


Find out what your consumers are looking for and create the digital fireplaces where they can either find or discuss them. Every interaction of this nature often leads to a transaction.