Kimemia freezes Nyandarua County spending ahead of audit

Mr Francis Kimemia, the Nyandarua County boss. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Mr Francis Kimemia, the Nyandarua County boss. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia has frozen all County expenditure pending an audit of how the devolved unit's cash was spent by the previous government.

He has also ordered ghost workers and County staff who have been drawing more than one salary to refund the money within the next 30 days.

Addressing his first cabinet meeting attended by top officers yesterday, he said it had been revealed that some county employees were earning more than one salary, stating that a planned payroll audit would expose the culprits.

“The excess salary is part of public assets I intend to recover in 30 days. The same will happen with all ghost workers,” he said.

The new county boss says he is aware that many officers' work in the devolved unit cannot be accounted for.

“There are many who cannot say what they have done for Nyandarua in the last five years they have been on the payroll,” he added.

The governor, who was sworn in on Monday, said county staff must respect public resources and that a culture of honesty and professionalism would start immediately.

“The first change I want to see in this county is the change of mindset and attitude among all public servants so that we have integrity,” he said.


He also sounded a warning to those culpable in misusing Nyandarua's fixed and non-fixed assets, saying that they would be dealt with decisively.

“It is not in my nature to witch-hunt, its not my wish to take anyone to jail, but you must surrender back what does not belong to you. I give you a 90-day amnesty,” said Mr Kimemia.

He said the planned audit will be done to include books of accounts, funded projects and staff to rid the county of ghost workers.

According to the former powerful Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Public Service, an audit on county projects will also be done to gauge if Nyandarua's residents got the value for their money.

“My administration is going to be efficient. We must offer services not as a privilege but as a right to the people we are required to serve...We cannot have an unsustainable wage bill at the expense of development projects,” he added.