Pakistani investors seek regional base in Nairobi


Delegates at the Pakistan-Africa Trade Development Conference at KICC January 30, 2020. PHOTO | LUCY WANJIRU

Pakistani traders, facing a slow economy back home, have hinted at setting a base in Kenya saying the country is “the gateway to emerging African markets”.

Speaking at the Pakistan-Africa Trade Development Conference, which began in Nairobi Thursday, the delegates said investment in Kenya would grant them easy access to markets in East African Community as well as the continental free trade area.

The conference, which is Pakistan’s first of its kind in Africa, attracted more than 300 delegates drawn from the public and private sector from 22 African countries as well as another 150 delegates from Pakistan.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said Kenya will be seeking to revive trade relations with countries in Central Asia such as Pakistan, noting that the trade agreements will offer positive benefits to both regions.

“Kenya and Africa is seeking to transform itself to a global powerhouse and to achieve that we need to revive trade relations with the China-Pakistan economic corridor. This conference is just the beginning of that journey where we hope to learn from each other,” he said.