Valary’s Rise as a Make-up Artiste

Make-up artist Valary Mdeizi
Make-up artist Valary Mdeizi. PHOTO | COURTESY 

For a flawless look that is almost natural, a make-up artiste requires skill and a firm knowledge of different types of faces.

With a number of Kenyans walking around with overdone make-up, looks like not everyone has mastered these skills.

Valary Mdeizi who is now a big deal following partnerships that have seen her work published in Vogue and Marie Claire magazines, says make-up artistes need to honest.

“Most of the time they end up making a mess on someone’s face. People have different wishes but what most make-up artistes do is apply a full-blown make-up while some women prefer a simple subtle look,” she says.

Valary decided to leave a successful career to become a make-up artiste when she got tired of not getting her face done as she wanted.


She says she felt that the beauticians had little knowledge on make-up application and could use her face as a tester.

“Some people have different face tones, some are light on the cheeks while the forehead is slightly dark and the nose area has a combination of two skin tones,” she says.

Her works

She walks in for the interview wearing a jeans and a yellow blouse, her face very clean void of any make-up.

She drags along a black mini suitcase that would give the impression that she is travelling.

However, the suitcase contains foundations, primers, eyeshadow, blush, matte and non-matte lipstick; anything you can think of in the array of make-up products.

Valary started the profession by first learning her own style of applying make-up, without trying to copy what others do. From YouTube and magazines, she learnt the do’s and don’ts.

After six years in the industry, she has collaborated with photographers and models, with their work published in international fashion magazines.

She has done make-up for Coke Studio artistes, a music show that seeks celebrate the diversity of Africa music and talent. She has also done make-up for actors.

She was part of the team that did body art for “Black Panther”, a job that was commissioned by Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Body art is another of my passion. Osborne Macharia, a photographer reached out to me so that we can work on the project. It was a humbling experience,” she says.

She also did another project with Osborne, “Nyanye” which was published in Marie Claire. She did the make-up of the old grannies rocking vintage looks.

She also did make up for “Beach Chic” models which was published in Vogue. “The projects have helped me grow and challenged my mind, and working with amazing photographer Osborne he is just phenomenal,” she says.

Valary says she still feels she has not made it yet; she is pursuing new heights.