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Office gyms cash in on fit employees

Mr and Mrs Fitness Centre
Mr and Mrs Fitness Centre at Epic Business Park in Nyali, Mombasa. Photo Kevin Odit | NMG 

Having a gym that is an elevator ride away or better yet, a flight or two of stairs away from one’s desk is a dream.

Whether you work out to lose weight or for that much needed energy boost in the middle of a workday, the gym has become a key part of the work week.

Work spaces have in addition to sharing space with suites, penthouses, high-end apartments and cafes, undergone transformation to include fitness centres cater for those working within.

Bharti Hirani, a quantity surveyor, takes advantage of the gym near her office to slot in a workout in her busy schedule.

“I weigh 54 kilograms so I treat the gym as way to be fit and not to lose weight. I want to be healthier,” she said as she ran on the treadmill at the gym.
She says it is important for people to create time for a workout.

“Most people think that they do not have time to work out. You need to have time for the gym because fitness is very important for your body. As I work in the office and do not do much of the walking I prefer to do some exercises.”

“I am used to working out. I preferred to work out in the morning at 5:30 but it was getting harder to come to work. I now make sure I finish my duties at 4 and then come to the gym for an hour, “she said.

Fair Deal Properties Limited opened the doors to its Epic Business Park in Mombasa with fitness and wellness as a major component in its agenda. The gym dubbed Mr &Mrs Fitness Centre brought with it accessible health offerings to the tenants of the commercial building.

The General Manager Benson Ondunga says the Fitness Centre provides easy gym access that encourages workers in the building to stay in shape.

“We already have four lawyers who are working within the building here. It is very convenient for them because the gym has just been brought to their door step. We are looking at a scenario whereby somebody is always in the office and hardly has time to go out, “he said.

The workout centre has everything one would ask for from providing clean towels, a classy and clean washroom, treadmill, weights, and plans to start aerobic, spinning, yoga and Zumba classes just enough to hop into the office after a morning sweat out.

The charges vary and you could opt for the monthly charge package that goes for Sh6000 or pay Sh1000 for one session.

Not only does this make it easier to schedule exercise sessions, motivate yourself to get fit, and improve your mood there can also be reduced rates to residents of the same building.

Mr Ondunga says commercial buildings with a gym could also give the tenants more opportunities to work out.

“A gym in the building will allow you to exercise before work, after work or during your lunch break. Basically have the activities into your busy daily schedule without compromising it, “he said.

At the Inshape ladies’ fitness center located in Mombasa CBD I meet a group in a Zumba class.

They meet during the lunch hour before heading back to their offices at 2 pm.
Zainab is 47 years old and has worked out at Inshape for the last three years. She comes in at noon and later leaves for work.

“I have 8 am to 6pm job. Lunchtime is my free time and I move in for a workout. If I don’t have time for the lunch session, I come in in the evening. On Saturday I go jogging in the morning. If you are a person who want to keep fit and also be healthy you have to find time for your body, “she said.

Inshape Director Wahida Bayusuf says to attract the working class one has to have convenience and some incentives in mind.

“Having the offices near us makes it very easy for us to have people work out during lunch breaks. We provide fresh juices and light meals salads. They can come here and then go back to work refreshed, “she said.

The bulk of the people during the 12:45pm class, she adds, are from offices. “We try and give the lunch time people everything like yoga, toning and aerobics, “she said

The packages at the gym range from Sh3500 to Sh10000. The latter package includes a personal trainer.