Food & Drinks

Bring your own bottle to this getaway


One day you will want to run away from something (or maybe someone), or maybe you will be running away from yourself. You will want to go furthest from wherever you are.

Far from traffic lights and roundabouts. To seek silence. To find balance. To disappear. And restock. You might end up at Wayando Lodge, set by the lake, overlooking a small odd island called Ngodhe Island.

It’s a number of circular modern hats with all the modern amenities that you would find in any lodge.

It’s an eco-lodge, not the fake type of eco-lodges but a real eco-lodge where you take a dump in a loo in your room then cover it with sawdust. Good times.

There are two lovely dogs that look like wolves. Pet them on the head. They are friendly and they will keep all your secrets. You will spend your days in the hammock with a book. Or lying under a mango tree with a book.


Night will fall and you will have dinner alone and then sit outside your hat facing the lake, staring at the lights of fishermen fishing in the lake.

An old guard will come and light a small fire for you. Then you will sit there for a while, alone with your thoughts until much later in the night when you will crawl in your bed and sleep.

You can see what’s missing in this scenario; alcohol. No need to go that way to stare at a boat.

Any proper sojourn needs a bottle of alcohol. The lodge doesn’t sell alcohol. Not really. You want your wine or your spirit.

Because Wayando makes for the perfect place to have a drink as you enjoy the solitude. I was there over the weekend with some friends and luckily we carried our drinks and drank them by the fireplace.